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2710, 2020

8 Steps to Successful Video Blogging

Prevent losing your blog’s readership to more dynamic video bloggers. Knowing how to video blog or vlog, you can increase your exposure, better engage with your audience, and drive new traffic to your website and blog. gathered the following steps and tips to help you create a successful video blog and boost your audience engagement to new heights. Step 1: Content Lights, Camera, [...]

2209, 2020

DIY Photography Hacks

Avoid taking boring photos, or having to buy expensive equipment to enhance your photos. By knowing how to manipulate some everyday household items, you can turn your ordinary photos into stunning pieces of work. gathered the following DIY photography hacks to help you elevate the creativity level of your photos and produce unforgettable images. Imitation Raindrop Effect It’s effortless to create the effect [...]

2808, 2020

Remotely Produced Video Content that Grows Your Business

Don’t let growth and revenue slip away because you don't recognize the power or ability to produce new video marketing content while working remotely. With the rising popularity of  working remotely, you may be separated from your creative team, feel content will be hard to produce, or it has just slipped from your radar. However, producing new videos remotely is easier than you think, and [...]

2807, 2020

How To Take Good Pictures with a Phone

Avoid taking blurred, low-quality pictures with your phone and missing an opportunity to capture that special moment. By knowing just a few things to look for and how to adjust your phone, you can capture incredible images to cherish or share. gathered the following information, tricks, and tips to help you take clear, stunning images with your phone. Mobile Phone Photography Nowadays, everyone [...]

2306, 2020

Night Photography Tips

Prevent blurry, underexposed nighttime photos. By knowing some simple photography tips and tricks, you can capture stunning, unforgettable pictures after dark. gathered the following information, tips, and tricks to help you capture clear, sharp images at night. Nighttime Photography When it comes to photography, many of the best photos can be and are taken at night. However, selecting the right location, keeping your [...]

2605, 2020

5 Phases of Video Production

Don’t let poor communication and lack of understanding the production process ruin the potential of your next video. By knowing how the video production process works, you can ensure that the intent and key moments are captured and produced according to your vision. gathered the following information about the 5 phases of video production and how each phase influences the outcome of your project. [...]

2304, 2020

Planning Your Wedding

Don’t let the most important day of your life wind up disorganized and out of control. By following a simple checklist, you can get to your wedding day relaxed and confident that everything is in place for your special day. compiled a planning checklist to help you plan and organize the many moving parts of your wedding day. 12 MONTHS BEFORE YOUR WEDDING [...]

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